Physiologas Technologies


2022/02/15 Adopted in Mondukuri Subsidy program by SME Agency.
>>> List of the subsidised
2021/09/24 Interviewed by Nikkei Bio-tech for "Visiting startups".
"Developing dialysis device allowing home treatment with ease"
>>> Article of Nikkei Bio-tech (in Japanese)
2021/07/20 Interviewed by Beyond Health, Nikkei BP.
"Reasons for deveolping dialysis device without water piping for home treatment"
>>> Article of Beyond Health (in Japanese)
2021/06/30 Raised seed funding through 3rd party allocation of new shares.
(139m JPY)
>>> Press release (in Japanese)
2021/03/04 Adopted in Implementaiton of Technology Seeds program: first prize.
(Orgaznized by Yokohama Bank Fundation)
>>> Press release by Yokohama Bank Fundation (in Japanese)
2020/09/02 Adopted by Kawasaki Deep Tech Accelerator program.
(Organized by Kawasaki-city, supported by KSP)
>>> Press release by KSP (in Japanese)
2020/03/16 Physiologas Technologies, Inc. was establised.